Dallas Doodle Ranch is a premier breeder of Standard and Mini Sheepadoodles, Standard and Mini Bernadoodles. We are located in Northeast Texas. 

Through responsible and thoughtful breeding practices, we are offering quality puppies raised in home environments to families across the country. 

Each pup starts the journey of learning beginning on day three! On day three we begin neurological stimulation exercises which last for 14 days. Weeks six through eight we work on a few manners, the beginning stages of crate and potty training, exercises that include various sensory stimulation as well as light counter conditioning to fear, anxiety and aggressive tendencies; resource guarding of food, bones and toys. We also ensure they are well socialized with other dogs and people.


Please take a few moments to browse our site, www.texasdoodlesforsale.com and let us know if you have any questions!

Happiness is a warm puppy.

              Charles Schultz

Why Choose A Doodle Dog?

Doodle dogs are highly intelligent. They inherit this quality from their parents.  Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

Doodle dogs are overall very healthy due to their hybrid nature.

Doodles shed and drool very little and are considered mostly hypo-allergenic.

Doodles make great family dogs.  They are generally very good with children and love to play.

Doodles' high intelligence and friendly nature make them ideal therapy dogs.

If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
                       Will Rogers

Dallas Doodle Ranch

Why Dallas Doodle Ranch Is The Best In Texas

Reputation:  We have an outstanding reputation and offer the highest quality Sheepadoodle and Bernadoodle puppies.

Pricing:  Dallas Doodle Ranch adoption pricing is notably lower than competitors in our area.  

Outstanding Health:  Because of our responsible breeding practices including genetic testing for possible future hereditary problems, hip evaluations and healthy diet, the puppy you adopt from Dallas Doodle Ranch will always be in outstanding health.  We guarantee it.

Family Raised:  Our parents are kept in family homes and the puppies are raised with families.  They are well balanced and socialized.

Versatile:  At Dallas Doodle Ranch, you can pick the puppy you want.  You aren't locked into a particular litter and are free to choose the puppy that best fits your lifestyle.

Convenience:  Our personalized puppy transport or flight nanny will hand deliver your puppy to you anywhere in the continental United States at very reasonable rates.


The Adoption Process


Fill out our online application.  After review, we'll contact you.


Make a deposit to hold your puppy for you.

Pick Your Puppy

After the litter is born, we'll help you pick the perfect puppy.


Make arrangements to bring your puppy home!

Puppy Training Tips and Tricks

Grooming - Keeping you doodle's fur tangle free may seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of planning and routine, you can keep your dog looking her best!

Exercising Your Puppy - How much exercise does a puppy need each day and how much will that affect his endurance?  How should you go about introducing exercise to your puppy?

Crates and Exercise Pens - There are both pros and cons to using crates and ex pens.  Learn the proper use of each in order to keep your puppy safe, happy, and well adjusted.

Retractable Leashes - The theory behind the retractable leash may sound good, but there are hidden dangers.

Potty-Training: Potty-training can be a challenge, but with patience and consistency, your dog can be successful! 

Complete 'Balanced Puppy' Training Manual:

For an easy to follow, step by step puppy training 'manual' download your copy of The Secrets of Raising a Balanced Puppy

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